Here at the Children’s Health Fund we are thrilled that the Government has adopted a Soft Drinks Industry Levy. Our fund, set up in 2015 by Sustain with the support of Jamie Oliver, has led the way by putting a levy on sugary drinks with the money going to improve children’s health and food education.

However, the national levy is not being implemented until 2018, and much could change before then. It’s also a long time to wait to start helping children’s health. This is why the restaurants we are working with are continuing to implement the sugary drinks levy, and why we are continuing to give the money they raise to causes that help children’s health and food education.


News archive

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World Bank calls for end to subsidy and promotion of unhealthy foods

An unequivocal report from the World Bank argues for systemic changes on the part of  governments and food corporations, to tackle obesity and non-communicable diseases.


Artificial sweeteners: not a panacea

Results of a large-scale study suggest that the use of artificial sweeteners does not help with weight reduction, and may even contribute to heart disease.


Good Food Nation Bill stirs debate

Scotland's pioneering Good Food Nation Bill is still at an early stage, but it is already prompting Members of the Scottish Parliament to ask questions about the sort of food supply they want and can achieve.


Go SUGAR SMART! Jamie and Sustain join forces on new campaign

Jamie Oliver Food Foundation and Sustain have launched a new campaign which supports organisations looking to change the amount of sugar we consume. They are now encouraging organisations to register on the new SUGAR SMART website, for support in tackling sugar within their premises, and also those wanting to run campaigns across their local area.


Hooray! Sugar Tax passes Commons vote

MPs have today approved the Finance Bill, which incorporates legislation enabling the introduction of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy in April 2018. This is a good day for parents and children's health, says Sustain, which has led the call for a sugary drinks tax in the UK.


Children’s Health Fund grants programme open.

The Children's Health Fund, administered by Sustain, has opened its next round of grants Water Works to improve access to free drinking water, particularly for children and young people.


Children's Health Fund grant announcements

Money raised from a voluntary tax on sugary drinks in restaurants across the UK will be used to provide meals for children during the school holidays.


Lewisham Council and Millwall FC go Sugar Smart

Two London bodies, Lewisham Council and Millwall FC, have joined forces and become the first London Borough and first football club to go Sugar Smart, commiting to measures to reduce sugar.


Fast food choices influence kids' calorie consumption

Children who order a combination meal at fast-food restaurants are more likely to get a sugary drink that ups the meal's total calories, according to a new study.


The Children’s Health Fund is one year old

The Children’s Health Fund celebrated its first anniversary on Tuesday 11 October, after raising nearly £90,000 since launching in September 2015.


Government war on puddings

Restaurants 'risk being named and shamed' in new efforts to encourage businesses to reduce portion sizes as part of Childhood Obesity Plan


Local health campaigners hand out toothbrushes and tell Labour Conference: ‘Tax the Can and help people to Give Up Loving Pop’

Today, Monday 26 September, Food Active, a Liverpool-based healthy weight campaign, is handing out free toothbrushes to Labour Party Conference delegates and confronting the soft drinks industry's attempts to block a sugary drinks tax.  This activity is in response to the British Soft Drinks Association’s sponsorship of a fringe meeting about tackling obesity, and their lobbying at the Conference and to MPs to stop the Government’s proposed Soft Drinks Industry Levy.


Children's health advocates dismayed by Government obesity plan

"After a year’s delay, children and taxpayers deserve much more from the Government than a 13-page report of mainly recycled commitments and voluntary measures."


First-Year Evaluation of Mexico’s Soda Tax

Authors of a new study published in PLOS ONE report that soda sales were down in Mexico for the first year after an 8% tax on soda and other junk foods went into effect. 


Food lobby rigs EU sugar laws

A new report from Corporate Europe Observatory, "A Spoonful of Sugar", claims that the food lobby rigs EU sugar laws while obesity and diabetes spiral out of control


Sustain announced as a Charity Times Awards Finalist

Sustain has been shortlisted for the Campaigning Team of the Year category for its work on a Sugary Drinks Tax.


Sheffield City Trust launch sugar levy

Sheffield City Trust are launching their own sugary drinks levy in 11 leisure centres.


Announcing Children's Health Fund Grants

Restaurant Sector funds free drinking fountains across the UK


Lucozade launches calorie-free Zero brand

Lucozade Ribena Suntory is to launch a low-calorie variant dubbed Lucozade Zero for its two most popular flavours, a move it is backing with a £5m marketing campaign and which it said was in response to "the nation's changing health agenda".


Campaign victory for a sugary drinks tax

Malcolm Clark, co-ordinator of the Children’s Food Campaign, welcomed the Budget announcement today on a sugary drinks tax.



Sustain advocates food and agriculture policies and practices that enhance the health and welfare of people and animals, improve the working and living environment, promote equity and enrich society and culture.

Jamie Oliver is a campaigning chef who believes passionately that food education is a powerful tool in the fight against the global obesity crisis.